We’ve built chartok
to bring hotel staff one step closer to each other

The tools you need to boost hotel staff productivity.

A Single Place to Manage All hotel work. Have clear visibility on all your ongoing tasks.

Stay up to date and have a clear overview of what’s happening across one or multiple properties. Navigate and organise multiple hotel tasks with advanced filtering, view tasks by completion status, and more.

We’re selling better hotel organizations, better hotel teams, we also sell:

“A reduction in the hotel operation cost and internal communication”
“Zero effort knowledge management”
“Making better decisions, faster”
“All your hotel team communication, instantly and available wherever you go”
“75% less email”
“Stop repetitive communication channels using WhatsApp, Excel, emails, paper, post-stick for the same”

Joan Sanz  -  Founder of chartok

Teamwork and collaboration tools are gaining traction, and only chartok specifically caters to the needs of the Hospitality Industry.